Everybody has different answers to the questions of what Witchcraft is. To me it is a gentle, caring, supporting and understanding religion, philosophy and way of life. Witchcraft does indeed mean many things to different people, to some Witchcraft supplements their 'main' faith. According to Marion Green in 'A Witch Alone' there are Jewish, Catholic, Quakers and others who are also Witches

Witchcraft is a joining with the Deities, a reverence for mother nature and much more. For some, elaborate rituals are the way that they like to practice. For others, including myself, quiet moments of contemplation and a healthy respect for the natural world are enough. It is kind of a pick and mix religion, where you can worship specific deities if you want or simply acknowledge the powers in the universe.

Some folks think Witchcraft is a form of devil worship.. Well it isn't!! (What devil would that be? The one invented by Christians?) some say that the pentacle or pentagram are symbols of evil, again this is not true. Through the ages people have always abused symbols for their own ends. Its said that when it is inverted (Pointing downward) it is a satanic symbol. However the same is said of an inverted cruicifix.

I am learning, I dont have the answers to what Witchcraft is, but I hope that this page has shared some of my understanding. The sites on the links page may be helpful in describing what exactly Witchcraft is.