This section of the site, along with the 'Log' page in the Radio section are probably the most frequently updated pages. Even then, there could be more frequent blog entries. LOL.

Radio is something that we have been into since we were little listening to local station Radio Clyde. As a teenager we got into Shortwave Radio, though we never missed the Archers on Radio 4. Now as an adult and licenced amateur radio operator, the medium of radio continues to be a big part of life.

Home brewing is something that we enjoy. It is something that we used to help our dad with and is something we continue to enjoy. Our home brewing blog contains details of what we are up to with that hobby.

The wild swimming blog is the one that is less frequently updated. That is because we only get to do it on holiday, so there is not much to add for most of the year. Still worth a look though if the subject interests you.

April 2024