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Radio is something that we have been into for most of our fifty plus years. From building a 'crystal set' type radio with our dad at the tender age of about six or seven, to obtaining our full Amateur Radio operator (Ham) licence in 2023, it has been an important part of life.

Radio has never been in the backgound for us. As a kid it was listening to wonderful presenters on Radio Clyde such as Bill Smith and Tiger Tim Stevens. Also on Clyde were Bill Black, Frank Skerrit, Mike Riddoch and the well known sports comentator Dougie Donnelly

As a teenager into adulthood it was on the shortwaves listening to the international services such as Radio Sweden, Radio Moscow and Radio Berlin International. Even today we still listen to the legend that is the BBC World Service.

The links on the left are for our Radio pages. Our Log (Amateur Radio Contacts) and our Blog (What we are up to) are the two most frequently updated pages in this section of the web site.

April 2024