I have been into computers since being in junior school and learning to enter 71077345 on a calculator. (Turn the calculator upside down and it reads 'Shell Oil'). I got my first computer, a Sinclair ZX81 in the early eighties. It would have been a present, probably for my birthday.

Over the many years since I have had a fair few machines. I have a Desktop PC and Laptop. Both those are getting on in age but run the Mint flavour of linux well. They also are able to emulate all of the systems in the left hand menu. But mainly we emulate the Acorn RISC PC.

The computers listed here are ones which we own, or have owned in the recent past. The Vic 20 is the only foreign computer, but it was made here in Great Britain. Contrast that with the Spectrum Plus 128K, which were built in South Korea!

April 2024