Sinclair ZX81

Sinclair ZX81   Sinclair ZX81 on LCD TV

The Sinclair ZX81 was the first computer that I owned back in the early eighties. I think it was a tenth birthday present, but it could have been Christmas. That was possibly in 1982 or 1983, certainly the ZX Spectrum was around and well established by that time. I remember playing Scrabble on the Spectrum with one of my friends.

This is not the same computer that I had back then. This one came from an ebay seller. When I got this ZX81 it was a basic 1k RAM machine. A small amount of memory even back in the day. I sent it to be upgraded by Mutant Caterpillar in Wales. Now the machine has 32k RAM and has been modified to provide a composite video output allowing it to work much better on modern televisions.