Home Brewing Blog

21 October 2023

Bottled the Red Wine this morning. Got four litres out of the kit. It tastes lovely. Probably about half a litre of sediment.

23 January 2024

We started a cider kit this morning. That is something that we have not tried before. Should be interesting. The wine from yesterday is bubbling away nicely.

21 October 2023

Bottled the Red Wine this morning. Got four litres out of the kit. It tastes lovely. Probably about half a litre of sediment.

29 September 2023

Had a half liter of the home made beer last night. It is maturing nicely. It's now a lot clearer and has a good head. It was supposed to be an IPA, but is more like a Scottish 'Heavy' type of beer. Also it is very tasty and moreish.

24 September 2023

Started a Red Wine kit this morning. The beer is looking nice, tempted to try one tonight, but will probably wait until the weekend.

15 September 2023

Shared a bottle of the home made beer with Andrew this evening. It was not bad, but still has a bit of maturing to go.

12 September 2023

Further to the bottling of the beer and misreading the instructions we tried a bottle on Friday night. It was still cloudy and a little bit bitter. What we had misread was that the four days were for the secondary fermentation in the bottles, then the beer was to be left to mature. Maybe it wont be so bad after all, I was quite dissapointed on Friday night.

6 September 2023

We bottled the beer kit this morning. It filled 10 x 2 litre bottles. Had a fly taste of it, it was more bitter (And stronger) than we had expected, but maybe it wil condition a bit during the secondary fermentation in the bottles. (It was quite moreish actually). It is supposed to be drinkable after a few days in the bottles, so hopefully by the end of next week it will be nice for taking on holiday and circumventing Scotland's unfair alcohol (over)pricing laws. Running bootleg over the border. LOL.

1 September 2023

White Rabbits. Made our first beer kit in ages yesterday. It is fermenting away nicely this morning. We checked it this morning expecting a white foam on top. Clearly it was fermenting, but the foam was muddy coloured. I quickly realised that it was the hops making the colour. In the old days you boiled the life out of the hops and then strained them keeping only the liquid. The hops in this kit were peletised and added to the Wort, (Beer before it is beer) This is the modern way of doing it. We followed the istructions to the letter, so it should be grand. It's a four to six days kit, so hopefully by this time next week it will be clear enough for bottling.

31 August 2023

Andrew has bought us some equipment to get back into our home brewing. He has bought a winemaking kit and a beer kit. The wine kit is a Nebbiolo. The beer is an IPA with citrus hops. We are hoping to make the Beer today or tomorrow, but plan to make the wine just before we go on holiday. If we made the wine now it would require attention when we are on holiday. The beer should be ready in time to take with us.