A log of all calls made on the Amateur Radio bands was compulsary at one time. I have kept a log since I started in 2021, mostly for my information. It is handy though if the licencing authority knocks on my door due to a complaint about interference. I can look at my log and say with reasonable conviction whether I was transmitting at the time in question. Also my log shows how active I am in the hobby, which reflects how confident I am feeling. Below is a simplified table of our Radio Log. The oldest is from June 2022 due to a missing computer file which has been lost or deleted.

All contacts listed here are voice contacts using Single Sideband (SSB) or Frequency Modulation (FM). FT8 contacts are logged on under my Intermediate call sign, 2E0XEB.

All times are UTC.

2022   2023   2024  

26/6/2415072m FMG7EKJEngland
26/6/2414472m FM2E0PAQEngland
26/6/2414002m FMGB8MMHEngland
26/6/24071540m SSBON2KPBelgium
26/6/24065640m SSBG0OVKEngland
26/6/24064040m SSBM7CUWEngland
18/6/2417032m FMG7JHWEngland
15/6/2415262m FMGB8MMHEngland
15/6/2414362m FMGB0NHSEngland
15/6/2414312m FMGB0BUSEngland
14/6/2415262m FMGB8MMHEngland
14/6/24083140m SSBGB8MMHEngland
7/6/24190020m SSBIQ5PJItaly
7/6/24085620m SSBSO65PPoland
7/6/24074420m SSBEA3KESpain
7/6/24073120m SSBSP8X/PPoland
6/6/24073420m SSBCT7ATOPortugal
05/6/24081520m SSBII6CICItaly
19/5/24094440m SSBGB1MMHEngland
17/5/24145520m SSBA100THungary
15/5/24185620m SSBSM3PZGSweden
6/5/24161420m SSBRP79LRussia
4/5/24135740m SSBGB2CLSEngland
4/5/2413222m FMGB2MADEngland
3/5/24112140m SSBGB2CPMEngland
2/5/24153720m SSBRP79SVYRussia
2/5/24150920m SSBCS2GPDXPortugal
1/5/24165620m SSBAO175EHOSpain
1/5/24164820m SSBAM175DDSpain
28/4/24134120m SSBII1GM/6Italy
27/4/24104120m SSBOL87VECzech Rep'
27/4/24072520m SSBOE24MAustria
26/4/24120440m SSBM0RBG/PEngland
25/4/24091740m SSBGB0WCAEngland
25/4/24090440m SSBGB2GMEngland
25/4/24075820m SSBII3TNXCItaly
25/4/24074720m SSBIN3PDIItaly
24/4/24134640m SSBM0DXTEngland
24/4/24132720m SSBII1GM/3Italy
24/4/24132120m SSBII3GMItaly
23/4/24180420m SSBAO75CVSpain
23/4/24142620m SSBGB0SGDEngland
23/4/24133720m SSBDM100FKGermany
23/4/24132820m SSBAO75ARSpain
21/4/24181720m SSBAO75CLSpain
21/4/24171220m SSBAO75LRSpain
21/4/24152720m SSBAO75NASpain
21/4/24141520m SSBIQ4AXItaly
21/4/24140720m SSBIR1GMItaly
21/4/24134920m SSBF5PGP/PFrance
21/4/24114420m SSBAO75EXSpain
21/4/24102620m SSBAO75PASpain
15/4/24142320m SSBIQ4AXItaly
15/4/24130220m SSBAO75GASpain
13/4/24100220m SSBIR1GMItaly
13/4/24095720m SSBII3TNXCItaly
13/4/24095420m SSBS55GRSlovenia
13/4/24094720m SSBIQ3TNItaly
12/4/24074420m SSBII3TNXCItaly
11/4/24140420m SSBAO75NASpain
11/4/24140020m SSBIY6MItaly
11/4/24134820m SSBAO75ARSpain
11/4/24134520m SSBIY1EYItaly
11/4/24123820m SSBII1GM/3Italy
11/4/24122520m SSBAO75GASpain
9/4/24171920m SSBAO75MUSpain
6/4/24153820m SSBAO75ANSpain
30/3/24084720m SSBIK4HLQItaly
30/3/24084320m SSB9A5YCroatia
30/3/24084120m SSBWV4PUSA
30/3/24083920m SSB9A3AAUCroatia
30/3/24083620m SSBLZ9WBulgaria
30/3/24083120m SSBYT5RSerbia
30/3/24082920m SSBYU5RSerbia
30/3/24082620m SSBHB9ODKSwitzerland
30/3/24082420m SSBSP7YPoland
30/3/24082120m SSBHG3RHungary
30/3/24081320m SSBWU2XCorsica
30/3/24080820m SSBYU5MSerbia
30/3/24080620m SSBEV80OBBelarus
30/3/24080520m SSBZ35WMacedonia
30/3/24075320m SSBSN9DTPoland
28/3/24095120m SSBOY/DK1VKFaroe Islands
28/3/24094720m SSBEA1FGX/PSpain
28/3/24094220m SSBAM7SSALSpain
28/3/24073820m SSBDM100FKGermany
28/3/24073520m SSBS51DXSlovenia
26/3/24122520m SSBDM88YLFGermany
26/3/24083220m SSBYQ75MSCCRomania
23/3/24084420m SSBSP1MVG/PPoland
23/3/24083220m SSBOE100RADIOAustria
21/3/24135520m SSBIY9MMItaly
21/3/24100820m SSBDK3MTGermany
21/3/24100120m SSBSP1MVG/PPoland
21/3/24095720m SSBDL1RTW/PGermany
21/3/24093320m SSBEC9RKT/PSpain
21/3/24092320m SSBIT9ECYItaly
21/3/24083940m SSBDM88YLFGermany
18/3/24101120m SSBDL1RTW/PGermany
18/3/24093020m SSBII3PUPItaly
17/3/24171120m SSBII7ICEItaly
17/3/24145440m SSB2E0XGOEngland
17/3/24143940m SSBG4GCUEngland
17/3/24142740m SSBG3VCGEngland
17/3/24141140m SSBG8IICEngland
17/3/24140940m SSBG7LHKEngland
16/3/24104420m SSBS55G/PSlovakia
16/3/24103420m SSBSP1MVG/PPoland
16/3/24100740m SSBG8XDDEngland
15/3/24094320m SSBEH3DOWNSpain
14/3/24165620m SSBF5PGPFrance
14/3/24152140m SSBMM7RWCScotland
14/3/24094320m SSBII7ICTItaly
13/3/24083920m SSBIY3MRItaly
12/3/24090620m SSBIR0IDPItaly
12/3/24085640m SSBM7MJW/PEngland
10/3/24182020m SSBEC1DJSpain
8/3/24155140m SSBOE4JHWAustria
8/3/24154940m SSBCS7AYJ/PPortugal
8/3/24153740m SSBG6BCCEngland
8/3/24152640m SSBGI4RKCN. Ireland
8/3/24152340m SSBG7LHKEngland
8/3/24145920m SSBEH5VEFSpain
8/3/24145220m SSBII5IDKItaly
8/3/24144040m SSBG7SWQ/P/PEngland
8/3/24085840m SSBG0VGS/PEngland
7/3/24114440m SSB HB9HDISwitzerland
7/3/24113740m SSB DD2ZN/PGermany
7/3/24112440m SSB G4NAQ/PEngland
7/3/24101440m SSB M0DXT/PEngland
6/3/24131840m SSB YQ75MSCCRomania
6/3/24131420m SSB HB20SPSwitzerland
6/3/24114340m SSB G8XDD/PEngland
5/3/24153540m SSB G6UUREngland
5/3/24152040m SSB M3TFMEngland
5/3/24151440m SSB M7VMDEngland
5/3/24150740m SSB M7EYPEngland
5/3/24150540m SSB G7LHKEngland
5/3/24150020m SSB IY8MMItaly
5/3/24131720m SSB EA2CCG/PSpain
5/3/24082940m SSB ON/PD0RWL/PBelgium
4/3/24154040m SSB M0DXT/PEngland
4/3/24152140m SSB G8XDD/PEngland
4/3/24145040m SSB G6BCCEngland
4/3/24143240m SSB M7IPMEngland
4/3/24142740m SSB G7LHKEngland
4/3/24113940m SSB ON5SELBelgium
4/3/24094840m SSB DL8ECA/PGermany
2/3/24132520m SSB SP8X/PPoland
2/3/24131720m SSB SP4VITPoland
2/3/24131120m SSB DK5FF/PGermany
2/3/24125840m SSB M1AOBEngland
2/3/24120640m SSB M0AIAEngland
2/3/24115740m SSB G4RIQEngland
2/3/24112840m SSB M3ZDZEngland
2/3/24110240m SSB 2W0FLWWales
2/3/24093620m SSB DL2XUGermany
2/3/24092720m SSB W3LPLUSA
2/3/24091640m SSB GM0VScotland
2/3/24091040m SSB K3LRUSA
2/3/24090940m SSB VY2TTCanada
2/3/24090340m SSB K1LZUSA
2/3/24084140m SSB F4GLRFrance
1/3/24153340m SSB G8EPQEngland
1/3/24151840m SSB G4HHXEngland
1/3/24150240m SSB G6BCCEngland
1/3/24150040m SSB G7LHKEngland
1/3/24141420m SSB OE8DDXAustria
1/3/24140720m SSB DR44WCAGermany
1/3/24093040m SSB M0MJW/PEngland
1/3/24085240m SSB DM85YLFGermany
1/3/24084640m SSB DD100FKGermany
28/2/24161640m SSB G6BCCEngland
28/2/24155640m SSB G0RGBEngland
28/2/24155640m SSB G4GMNEngland
28/2/24154740m SSB G4YNTEngland
28/2/24153740m SSB G4TMLEngland
28/2/24153540m SSB G4LHKEngland
28/2/24113240m SSB G8XXD/PEngland
27/2/24 105340m SSB 2I0ROC/PNorthern Ireland
26/2/24 143510m SSB AN44GRSpain
26/2/24 141810m SSB AN44MASpain
26/2/24 132620m SSB PD0MHZNetherlands
26/2/24 091840m SSB M7MJW/PEngland
26/2/24 091820m SSB EA2CCG/PSpain
25/2/24 091720m SSB OE4JHWAustria
25/2/24 091120m SSB DA20XOTAGermany
25/2/24 085020m SSB YR95CCRomania
25/2/24 084420m SSB S53KXSlovenia
24/2/24 115720m SSB AN44ALSpain
24/2/24 115220m SSB IK0VSYItaly
24/2/24 082920m SSB AN44CASpain
23/2/24 193440m SSB M0XXTEngland
23/2/24 163440m SSB M0SSVEngland
23/2/24 163240m SSB M6TGJEngland
23/2/24 162140m SSB F4LALFrance
23/2/24 161440m SSB 2E0KCDEngland
23/2/24 160140m SSB MW6GWOWales
23/2/24 155540m SSB MW0WWZWales
23/2/24 154040m SSB 2E0XOYEngland
23/2/24 153040m SSB M0PPXEngland
23/2/24 152640m SSB PE7KNetherlands
23/2/24 152440m SSB G7LHKEngland
23/2/24 131320m SSB IK2AQZItaly
22/2/24 110820m SSB CT7ARW/PPortugal
22/2/24 105820m SSB DL8FQGermany
22/2/24 103520m SSB F6KARFrance
22/2/24 091820m SSB IK4BPVItaly
21/2/24 165040m SSB M0KOOEngland
21/2/24 163240m SSB M0IDFEngland
21/2/24 161940m SSB G8IICEngland
21/2/24 161540m SSB G7LHKEngland
21/2/24 141940m SSB IU0OXQ/MIraly
21/2/24 135040m SSB M0XXTEngland
21/2/24 105220m SSB DL8ECA/PGermany
21/2/24 085820m SSB II2VItaly
21/2/24 084820m SSB DM100MWGermany
19/2/24 163240m SSB G3VOTEngland
19/2/24 162440m SSB M7NHKEngland
19/2/24 161140m SSB G8EPQEngland
19/2/24 160440m SSB M7FIBEngland
19/2/24 155440m SSB 2E1EBOEngland
19/2/24 155040m SSB M0DKREngland
19/2/24 154640m SSB G7LHKEngland
19/2/24 153820m SSB IW2NRTItaly
19/2/24 152920m SSB EA2CCGSpain
19/2/24 145440m SSB 2W0VZTWales
19/2/24 114720m SSB OZ0ROMDenmark
19/2/24 113540m SSB 2I0ROC/PN. Ireland
19/2/24 103420m SSB DL1CRGermany
19/2/24 083240m SSB MW0KCB/PWales
17/2/24 132620m SSB HB9HDISwitzerland
17/2/24 125740m SSB M1SDH/PEngland
17/2/24 121820m SSB EA1ECSpain
17/2/24 112120m SSB DR100PEGermany
16/2/24 120440m SSB 2W0FLW/PWales
13/2/24 124620m SSB LX1ATOLuxembourg
13/2/24 122320m SSB 4UNRAustria
13/2/24 085440m SSB M7MJWEngland
12/2/24 114120m SSB AO100RADIOSpain
9/2/24 161210m SSB IT9BUNItaly
6/2/24 150420m SSB DG1BUGermany
6/2/24 143620m SSB DM100FKGermany
6/2/24 142820m SSB HB9GUX/PSwitzerland
6/2/24 142420m SSB DM1FG/PGermany
6/2/24 140540m SSB MI3JXGN. Ireland
6/2/24 120840m SSB SM5JVFSweden
6/2/24 104840m SSB M0KCB/PEngland
5/2/24 143840m SSB G0FKFEngland
5/2/24 142640m SSB G7LHKEngland
3/2/24 090640m SSB M0MJA/PEngland
3/2/24 083940m SSB PH2A/PNetherlands
2/2/24 115720m SSB SK100FRKSweden
2/2/24 114520m SSB OZ/UT0MODenmark
2/2/24 111820m SSB PA/EA7IXKNetherlands
2/2/24 095820m SSB OZ1INGDenmark
2/2/24 081240m SSB PA/EA7IXMNetherlands
31/1/24 212240m SSB II8WWAItaly
31/1/24 143540m SSB M0DXTEngland
31/1/24 142840m SSB G4ICP/PEngland
31/1/24 094540m SSB G4VSJEngland
31/1/24 093640m SSB DL8ECA/PGermany
31/1/24 084240m SSB M0KCB/PEngland
31/1/24 082620m SSB II5WWAItaly
31/1/24 082220m SSB II2WWAItaly
31/1/24 081720m SSB II3WWAItaly
30/1/24 095620m SSB DD100FKGermany
31/1/24 212240m SSB II8WWAItaly
31/1/24 143540m SSB M0DXTEngland
31/1/24 142840m SSB G4ICP/PEngland
31/1/24 094540m SSB G4VSJEngland
31/1/24 093640m SSB DL8ECA/PGermany
31/1/24 084240m SSB M0KCB/PEngland
31/1/24 082620m SSB II5WWAItaly
31/1/24 082220m SSB II2WWAItaly
31/1/24 081720m SSB II3WWAItaly
30/1/24 095620m SSB DD100FKGermany
29/1/24 142520m SSB M7XCWEngland
29/1/24 093020m SSB TM26PVJFrance
29/1/24 091720m SSB II1WWAItaly
29/1/24 091420m SSB II2WWAItaly
28/1/24 141940m SSB M7FSWEngland
28/1/24 131420m SSB DK9CAGermany
28/1/24 130920m SSB II2WWAItaly
28/1/24 130720m SSB F5PYIFrance
28/1/24 130420m SSB OZ4ABH/PDenmark
28/1/24 130020m SSB IQ3TS/PItaly
26/1/24 115120m SSB II2WWAItaly
25/1/24 105240m SSB G0GDFEngland
25/1/24 101240m SSB GB1RBScotland
24/1/24 080420m SSB II3WWAItaly
20/1/24 120140m SSB M0TZREngland
17/1/24 141320m SSB II1WWAItaly
17/1/24 135520m SSB LY310KDLithuania
17/1/24 134820m SSB II2WWAItaly
17/1/24 100320m SSB II6WWAItaly
17/1/24 093520m SSB II3WWAItaly
15/1/24 151640m SSB EI30TIreland
14/1/24 091440m SSB M0MJAEngland
14/1/24 090710m SSB II0WWAItaly
14/1/24 085720m SSB EG5WWASpain
14/1/24 085520m SSB II1WWAItaly
13/1/24 161920m SSB IU4RTQItaly
13/1/24 161520m SSB II4WWAItaly
13/1/24 161020m SSB S53KXSlovenia
13/1/24 112040m SSB M0PHCEngland
12/1/24 103420m SSB II1WWAItaly
12/1/24 103320m SSB F4JHQFrance
12/1/24 101820m SSB II2WWAItaly
12/1/24 090420m SSB HB9CCLSwitzerland
11/1/24 162340m SSB II7WWAItaly
11/1/24 161840m SSB DB100FKGermany
11/1/24 153540m SSB M7NEAEngland
11/1/24 153040m SSB 2E0AMOEngland
11/1/24 150140m SSB G7LHKEngland
11/1/24 150040m SSB M1ANNEngland
11/1/24 105110m SSB Z35MMacedonia
10/1/24 132810m SSB SX0WWAGreece
10/1/24 130940m SSB PD4USNetherlands
10/1/24 130640m SSB 2E0HPI/PENG: Yorkshire
10/1/24 084240m SSB ON/PD0RWL/PBelgium
9/1/24 100010m SSB LZ2RSBulgaria
8/1/24 150020m SSB II8WWAItaly
6/1/24 120020m SSB DR100PEGermany
5/1/24 121120m SSB EG3WWASpain
5/1/24 084520m SSB II7WWAItaly
5/1/24 083620m SSB II9WWAItaly
5/1/24 082220m SSB II3WWAItaly
4/1/24 131520m SSB JW/M0PLXNorway
4/1/24 094240m SSB M7MJWEngland
3/1/24 152220m SSB II3WWAItaly
3/1/24 151920m SSB HA5MIGHungary
3/1/24 151520m SSB DM100FKGermany
2/1/24 152920m SSB II2XMASItaly
2/1/24 152620m SSB II6WWAItaly
2/1/24 144340m SSB MM0GHMScotland
2/1/24 135420m SSB II3WWAItaly
2/1/24 134920m SSB II5WWAItaly
2/1/24 132220m SSB 5B4AIFCyprus
2/1/24 130820m SSB II0WWAItaly
2/1/24 123520m SSB CS2024HNYPortugal
1/1/24 11402m FM M6IIEENG: SOTA
1/1/24 102710m SSB CT5KAOPortugal