Axial SCX10 Rock Crawler

Jeep Body

This is a fun toy that I have had for about a decade now. It's a one tenth scale remote controlled rock crawler. Basically an RC 4x4 without the environmental impact of a real one. I have good fun running it in the back garden and sometimes take it on holiday to play with on camp sites or on the beach. Lots of fun.

SCX10 Chassis

This is the chassis, the original Axial SCX10. I think they are on the third or fourth generation now, but I have never felt the need to upgrade to the newer ones. They are quite expensive.

Dodge Body

This is the body shell that came with mine it is a Dodge Ram. It looks quite crappy just sitting on the floor like that, but it looks pretty decent when mounted on the chassis. The Jeep body shell was one that I was given later on. I painted it myself, originally just the dark pink, but later added the purple as a sort of camoflage style"